Failed KickStarter, but stay tunned…

First, thanks to all the people that has supported us.

The Kickstarter has ended and we have not reached our objective. We need to analyze in detail what has happened but probably our main problems have been that we have not reached many people (only 1.500 views), our English made some people suspicious and finally some others did not understood well the project idea (they thought that is was another RPG tool).

We think that people need to see a demo in order to start believing in us. That is why we are going to deliver a playable demo of what could be DigitalD20 in the following months…

Stay tuned for something awesome !

Mil gracias a todos los que nos habeis apoyado. Lamentablemente no hemos podido financiar el proyecto. Ahora nos toca reflexionar sobre que hemos podido hacer mal. Seguramente no hemos llegado a la suficiente gente (1500 visitas) y además muchos no han entendido nuestro mensaje.

Creemos que la mejor solución es preparar una demostración de lo que puede llegar a ser DigitalD20 y de esta forma conseguir que la gente empieze a creer en nosotros.

Estar preparados por que algo grande se avecina!

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