The Siege of Sâlorium

The Siegue of Sâlorium is a lvl 1-3 adventure in a fantasy world for 4-5 players with the characters have to find the origin of the tremendous attacks on Slorium. An adventure with pregenerated characters, suitable to any campaign in a fantasy setting.

Hundreds of refugees have been forced to leave their homes and take refuge in the city of Slorium after a giant cloud of ash covered the atmosphere of the region. The citizens look terrified to the skies looking for an explanation, but do not know that an even greater threat awaits underground.

Over the last week, the city has been rocked by the arrival of hundreds of refugees from nearby areas. They have left their homes due to a gigantic cloud of ash and dirt that destroyed their crops and livestock. The authorities of the city have placed the refugees in a provisional camp on the grounds of the School of Magic while they decide how to deal with the situation. The truth is that no one in the city knows why the cloud formed, and paranoia among residents is growing by the day.

Adventure Maps

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