Beastmaster’s Daughter

Beastmaster’s Daughter is a lvl-3 adventure in a standard fantasy world for 4-5 players where the characters find a strange girl asking for help with the zoo of her fther. A dungeoning adventure easely introduced into any fantasy setting campaign.

The party left Carlin Town and is travelling west along a road whose only destination is the Aldritch Research Centre and Zoo. To the south is The Fen, a hostile swamp land.

The research centre and zoo is owned and operated by the Wizard Aldritch, a very old and powerful mage who is extremely well-connected politically. His daughter Raven Aldritch runs the day to day operations, including arrangements for the capture of new specimens.

The magical shields that keep the specimens in their enclosures failed during the recent massive lightning storm and the Research Centre is over-run with monsters trying to get out. Wizard Aldritch is away and Raven has to deal with the crisis herself. She is looking for a group of adventurers to help her solve the problem. She doesn’t want the specimens killed, simply put back in their enclosures. Her Father has an amulet that will re-initiate the shields but it’s in his Inner Sanctum which she is magically barred from entering.

Adventure Maps

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