Burning Goblins

Burning Goblins is a lvl-1-3 adventure in a standard fantasy world for 4-5 players with the characters defending a village from a band of goblins who keep a secret much bigger than them… It can be easely introduced in any campaign in a fantasy setting.

The quiet village of Greenfork is in a state of uproar, scarred twisted looking goblins raided the village during the night and kidnapped the miller’s daughter. The Mayor has put out a call for adventurers to bring the girl back safely and end the goblins threat once and for all. This adventure starts just outside the village of Greenfork and thrusts players straight into the action.

Burning Goblins is a fantastic first adventure for new players, but more importantly this adventure was designed with first time Games Masters in mind, giving you as many tools as possible to help run the game.

Adventure Maps

Play The Burning Goblins here for free!

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