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Our experience at Villarol 2020

On January 25 we were able to attend the Villarol con in the city of Madrid (Spain) with the aim of collaborating directing the game of Dungeons & amp; Dragons The Siege of Sâlorium using our platform Digital d20 .

The attendance was brutal (309 participants were subsequently confirmed) and, having already passed the start of the games, there was still a queue to access, but the access management was magnificent by the people of Bukaneros del rol, the association that organized the days, and everything was very fluid.

It was all divided according to zones: the first one of stands and another of board games, then, below, a family area and another of role-playing games, with an area on stage for the people of Dungeons & amp; Dungeons and, already on the first floor, live role games and the AppRolera area.

In the RPGApp area we share space with the people of Dungeon 20, they directing in the morning and us in the afternoon. To maintain a fully digital environment, we use the character sheets that come pre-generated with the adventure in the application, and players only had to choose their character to start playing directly.

Also, using the new screen sharing functionality , we launch the maps to a projector (one day we will tell you the secret of the coat rack) for greater immersion of the players. A most successful experience that led us to launch this functionality for all users recently.

Map from projector screen

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