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DIY digital gameboard

The past Villarol 2020 con we were invited to collaborate in the App Area to gamemaster a D&D adventure using our Digital d20 game system. The organization wanted to keep the experience purely digital, which for us is no problem because the adventure The Siegue of Sâlorium for example, incorporates all the pre-generated characters for the players.

But we wanted to give it an extra touch to improve the players’ game experience, and we incorporated something that we’ve been using for a long time to turn any table into a digital game board.

Something as simple as a coat rack and a projector was all we had to bring to Madrid for the event, and within five minutes we had our digital board ready.

All we needed was an ordinary coat rack, some cable ties and a projector. We put the coat rack on the table, tied the projector with the cable ties, making sure the orientation is right for our players (tip: if the table is not white, you can cover it with a tablecloth like we did) and then used the new Digital d20 “image sharing” feature to launch the maps directly to the projector – the results are amazing!

Map from projector screen

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