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I downloaded your app late last night. As I messed around with the app and tested it out. I found that your pre generated PC “Mr Pirs is a halfling” is not working when you click on his character sheet. If you would be be so kind as to email me the sheet and or fix the link. So that I can use the app fully. I would greatly appreciate it. Also if I find any other problems. A email or contact to inform you of problem so you can quickly address any issues that come to light would be great!

I just installed the app and the character sheet for Mr Pirs is broken for me, too. Also the text on the character sheets are not fully translated. For example, the alignments are not in English and are chaotica Bueno, neutral maldavo, etc. These are minor issues in a wonderful product.

Well I found that your pre generated PC “Mr Pirs the halfling”. If you would be be so kind as to email me some contact info and fix the link. I would greatly appreciate it.

Well, rigth now we have a tool for us (that is no very user friendly for the general public).
Our idea for the future, is to find some partners and start publishing more content.
We are not thinking on realeasing such kind of took rigth now, but it could be that we change our minds.

Thanks for your interest, you are not the first that ask the same question.

Oh wow. Sorry.

I was SUPER excited about this app but I’m not interested in any platform that doesn’t allow me to import my own content.

mmmm… We have think about we will prepare a kickstarter next year in order to create a nice tool to create your own adventures. Meanwhile we are trying to release more content.

Sorry, we have 3 small modules ready to be released. But our first agreement has been with a local press, so there will be avaiable first in spanish, and little later in english. With this agreement, we are going to release one module every two months. I have received several comments, and I am thinking on including a button for google translate the page you are in also.

There are a number of translation errors in the module that’s already been released and the option to use 5e isn’t working.

Please could you explain how it is not working? We would love to help you, and are sure that it is working for the vast majority of devices. Also if you indicate where are those bad translations it would help us a lot.

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