What is Digital d20?

Digital d20 is an online marketplace and improved manager for 5E adventures that takes the experience of the DM and players to a new level by adding music and linking maps, NPC’s, spells and rules.

Why players and DM’s choose Digital d20?

DD20 gets rid of the need of flipping pages on different manuals, even to buy them! Every time a DM needs a spell, skill check, magical object or monster there is a link to a pop-up with the description. All the information, at the precise moment you need it.

Apart from linking all contents, DD20 also grants interactive maps and ambience music, according to each scene, so it reduces time preparation to the minimum and DM only has to care about running the game.

What can Digital d20 offer you?

We offer a platform with more tan 100,000 downloads and over 15,000 Android and iOS active users, growing every day. Wether you want sell your adventures or give them for free, we layout the maps, incluide free-rights music to each scene and layout encounters and monsters.

Who can publish in Digital d20?

Any creator of 5E material, the most important is the quality of it. You can be a fan who never thought about publishing, someone with a well-known name or a freelance who work for third companies.

If you are already a publisher we are sure we can find a good agreement for both sides.

OK, count me in. What do I have to send you?

We need the adventure in plain text and the images you want to use. Notice that you have to own the rights (or have owner’s permission) for using those images. We add the music, layout the adventure and manage selling and distribution. In less than one month you can see your adventure published.

How much it will cost to me?

Nothing. And you will obtain 70% of the profit for each sale.

Can I publish in other platforms?

Yes. Our relationship is not exclusive.

Who fix the prices?

You, although we recommend to follow prices according to the pdf market.

How long the adventrues have to be?

There is not maximum or minimum length, but we are talking about adventures, at least they should have an intro and a couple of encounters and a conclusion, impossible to do with less tan 5,000 words.